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Entreprenurship Programs

In Sweden, strengthening and promoting entrepreneurship responds to economic and social exclusion challenges, creates jobs, and fights mental and emotional problems.

Among the key targets of inclusive entrepreneurship policies and programs are immigrant women, the most vulnerable group facing challenges in the labour market and under-represented and disadvantaged in entrepreneurship activities.


Markandia is contributing through an innovative approach that will guarantee the excluded community's mental wellness and welfare by building entrepreneurship skills through mindset coaching, training focusing on strengthening entrepreneurial culture, and providing networks for target groups.

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During 2021-2022

  • Conducted Female Entrepreneurship study circles 

  •  Empowered 53 women from foreign backgrounds from all over Sweden.

  • Established the International Female Enterpenures platform in Sweden 

  • Organized the first entrepreneurship workshop for immigrant women in Helsingborg sponsored by skåne innovation week.

  • Established a network for the "International Women Entrepreneurs in Sweden group" on Facebook.

  • Organized Hon.Hub 2022 exhibition in June 2022 in Mindspark Helsingborg. 

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