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Welcome to

Markandia Sweden

Sustainable Business Development and Consultancy 

Making the world a better place!

Our job is to support you with Sustainable Solutions:

  • Entrepreneurship tailored learning programs that have a direct impact on society's most aching problems: Exclusion and Unemployment. 

  • Sustainability Research and Assessment 

Sakta Men Säkert
Slowly But Surely
بتمهل ولكن بثبات
We are working ...........

How We Work

Our company provides training services, custom multilingual Entrepreneurship learning experiences. All the courses are specifically designed according to the demands of the clients. We offer training courses on-line as well as on-site.

Because we believe no one size fits all we always offer the option of research and assessment to our clients. 

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Our Latest Projects

In 2021-2022 we conducted different Entrepreneurs Study Circles 

We are proud to say that we empowered 53 women from foreign backgrounds from all over Sweden. In addition, we established the International Female Entrepreneurs platform in Sweden. 

Who are we?

Why Markandia Sweden?

We offer you training services  and  Sustainability research services:

  • Multilingual Entrepreneurship Training Programs

  • Optimize the welfare of your target groups

  • Achieve sustainable business development goals

  • Develop and maintain sustainable services managment strategies 

  • Intertwin your technological solution with the societal sustainability needs 

  • Discovering business talents and opportunities

What Do We Offer?

The participants are provided support from the instructor to address their concerns throughout the course easily.

We offer you four different courses to choose from

1. Entrepreneurship Training Courses

We are offering different courses, check our packages!

2. Sustainability Research and Assessment Services

Research and Assessment are the most crucial aspect of every organization to assist decision-makers in developing sustaining business, policies, and regulations.

Learn more, visit“ “Services” For further information “Contact Us”


"During the course i had the chance to know more about successful entrepreneur's journeys; then I figured out that the course material equipped me with the tools to manage my own entrepreneurial journey"

Marian, Växjö

Our Partners  

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